Thursday, 8 December 2016

Penis Enlargement Products |

SRIRAM HERBALS is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality Penis Enlargement Medicines prepared for men to enlarge small penis, it gives power and stamina to improve penis performance day by day. Our range of penis enlargement medicines are cost-effective and it can be blended in a natural powerful combination of special herbs. This penis enlargement product is 100% natural and doesn't contain any extra derivatives of fish or meet or synthetic chemicals. This medicine are alternative medicine to prescription drugs and completely safe and secure to use.  

Benefits of Penis Enlargement Products:

  • Helps to increase penis bigger, longer and harder
  • Helps in penis enlargement, thickness and length
  • Improving the sexual confidence and greater satisfaction
  • It gives power and stamina to you and your partner
  • Increasing the blood circulation
  • No side effects using after long time
  • 100% natural and more effective
  • Safe and Secure to use
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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Sex Enlargement Pills for Men

Sex Enlargement Pills for Men
If you are interested in increasing the size of your penis, surgery is not only the way. There are many methods that men can use to increase the size of their penis. In that "SEX ENLARGEMENT PILLS FOR MEN" is the one those. Today we will discuss which one of the best male enlargement pills that really work. Do you want to increase your penis size organically this you can achieve by using any natural minerals dietary supplements and even penis exercises that helps  us to gain penis more stronger and gives better stamina.

Make Your Penis More Stronger and Bigger!!! 

Before you purchasing any of the product for sex, make sure that that you would not harm yourself. 100% natural, more stronger medicines to make your penis grow. Natural penis enlargement exercise is the easiest, safest and best way to increase your penis size.  If you exercise properly and stick with it's completely possible for anyone to add 1-3 inches in both girth and length.

Sex can't be complete until and unless your penis become more stronger and bigger. Living your life with a small penis can make you feel very bad in front of your woman. Oftenly you will be sad you can't compete with other men. In such cases penis exercise and medicines for Sex Enlargement Pills for Men that helps us to make you feel mind blowing night with your woman. Suppose if you tired to penis exercise, Sriram Herbals offering all kinds of sex related medicines that helps to grow your penis within a short period of time. 

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Friday, 2 December 2016

Amazing Tips for Breast Size Increase

Breast Size Increase
You may know Women's breasts is always attracts people. One of the best thing that we always absorbs in Women's is Breasts. You are thinking not to have a right breasts and firmness of the breasts? DON'T WORRY, We suggest some of the tips that may help to increase your Breast Size. Breasts always determine the Women's beauty as well as attracted to Men to love you always. Now a days some of the women's have a right size of breasts, this is add to overall looks and personality of the women.

If you really worried not to have right size breasts and feel that you need to improve the size of the breasts, then you can make use of below amazing tips that not only helps you to increase your breast size and also makes that they remain firm.

Amazing Tips for Breast Growth

  • Get a Massage: Do a massage on your breasts on a regular basis. This is important thing that help in growing your breast size. Use a coconut oil or olive for best results. One important thing that you need to know is, always get the massage from from an experienced people that is more effective.
  • Consume Fenugreek Seeds: Use Fenugreek regularly, this is the best ways to increase your breast size. And even you can add fenugreek in your meals. It helps to increase your hormones. 
  • Exercise Everyday: Chest exercise is always best choice to grow your breast within short period of time. And it is more effective. Try to slowly increase the repetitions and you will notice positive results soon.
  • Drink Papaya Juice and Milk: This is more helpful to grow your breasts very quickly. Take Half Papaya with half glass of milk, make juice of these two ingredients and drink it every morning. Papaya contains proteolytic enzymes that helps us grow breasts and quick digestion of proteins.  
  • Apply Breast Enhancement Cream: Everyday apply breast enhance cream which is made of organic and natural ingredients.  Such creams increase your breasts and also make them firmer to grow bigger size. 
  • Increase your Calories: Regularly eating the required amount of calories that help in increasing the growth your breasts. If your daily routine is 3000 calories intake, everyday consume 3300 calories for breast growth.  
Suppose if you tired to doing these exercises, please visit our website, here you can get 100% natural with no side effects Breast Size Increase Medicines for breast development. 

Friday, 11 November 2016

How to increase Breast Size?


Women beauty is usually a matter of amazing significance. within the event that there's no matter another factor wondrous on earth when nature, then it's a girl. But, todays targeted and media-driven the planet has created them thus cognizant that they're not consummated by what they need. it's brought forth completely different|completely different} medications and different methodology to boost excellence. One such treatment that's breast enlargement and totally different breast sweetening capsule and cream square measure obtainable for an equivalent.

If any girl has comparative little breast size, then it seems, in most cases, that she is additionally not enjoying a life or a good body form. Big-B capsule one in every of the create it breast growth capsule. it's a best breast enlargement pills in Asian nation. The capsule is totally natural breast growth capsule with zero aspect effects risk.

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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Breast Enlargement Product

Breast Enlargement Product

Among N number of Breast Growth Medicines in the market, Sriram herbals got top rank due to its high quality and efficiency along with no single side effects. We are offering you the top rated and best quality of Breast Enlargement Product. Most of the women want their breasts should look firmer, perfect shaped and toner breasts.

A study on breast development .The development of breast tissue is sometimes the primary sign of time of life in ladies. Some ladies notice breast growth and significant breast size increase as early as ten years previous, whereas others don’t begin maturing till age thirteen or fourteen or later. The temporal arrangement is set by the individual's biological “clock” that tells the body to start out manufacturing high levels of the feminine secretion steroid and alternative hormones, like progestogen. Breasts bear stages of maturity over ensuing 5 to 10 years, till they reach their full growth potential, sometimes by the ages eighteen to twenty. If, for a few reason the breast growth cycle is hindered or ne'er absolutely completed, there square measure natural breast size increasing choices that square measure each a sensible and safe choice, as opposition surgical breast augmentation.

Women WHO could are starving, exercised obsession ally, or dieted to a fault in their immature years could have veteran scrawny breast growth. They’ll have suffered associate incomplete cycle of breast maturity, which might cause smaller sized breasts. If they'd been ready to live a healthy mode throughout the influential breast growth stages, their breasts would have reached full maturity. The breasts square measure, in essence, tissue that the body doesn't ought to sustain itself, rather breasts serve the biological purpose of feeding a baby. this is often why we all know you'll be able to increase your breast size naturally. Natural Breast Enhancers have worked for several girls already.

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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Erectile Dysfunction Cure


Erectile Dysfunction Cure: Erectile Dysfunction or impotence is a sexual dysfunction and lack of ability to build or uphold an erection of the penis during sexual activity. Penile erection is the liquid effect of blood will enter and retain in sponge like bodies within the penis, this procedure will take place during sexual activity. When the signals are spread from the brain to nerves in the penis. During sexual arousal, an organic chemical will release & feel of sex desire that causes of impotence are diabetes, hormonal changes, and neurological problems.

Erection is a penile erection in which the penis becomes firmer and enlarged. Penile erection is the result of all interactions of neural psychological, vascular and endocrine factors. The shape and direction of erection may vary considerably in humans.

There are a many number of treatments for erectile dysfunction includes: 
  • Implants
  • Surgery
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Oral medications
  • Counseling

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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Improve Sperm Count

Improve Sperm Count

Sriram herbals is the No.1 company in India providing medicine to Improve Sperm Count naturally without any single side effects. Fertility of men depends on the quality and quantity of sperms, which can affected by various reasons. Following are some steps to maximize the fertility as well as make sure your sperms are well performers. 

Quantity of Sperms: There will be a more than 20 million sperms per milliliter of semen. In the semen, there are millions of sperms are ejaculated, in those only few sperms can reach the egg in woman's Fallopian tube. But just only one sperm is needed to fertilize the egg. 

Quality of Sperms:
  • Around one-third of your sperms are of normal structure and shape
  • Both sperm shape and structure are equally important
  • Normal and quality sperm, has an oval head with long tail 
  • Sperms with small, tapered or crooked heads, kinky, curled, double tails, large are lesser to fertilize the egg and those are not quality sperms.

Sperm motility: In order to reach the egg, sperm have to move on their own - swim and wriggling to reach few inches and to penetrate the egg. To fertile the egg, at least half of your sperm should move. Normal humans have total sperm motility are 50% or 25% progressively motile sperms. 

How to improve Sperm Quality?

  • Multivitamin Tablets - You can have multivitamin tablets daily with selenium, folic acid and zinc.
  • Lower the stress - Stress may interfere with certain hormones needed to generate sperms
  • Eat Lots of fruits and vegetables - These are rich in antioxidants
  • Exercises - Men who do exercise for temporary change in hormone levels and drop in sperm quality. but should not do over. 
  • Weight - Frequently check your weight. It should not too much or too less , that may disrupt the production of reproductive hormones. 
  • Avoid tobacco and alcohol
  • Avoid lubricants during sex - Personal lotions, lubricants and even saliva can interfere with sperm motility . But vegetable-oil based lubricants are okay. 

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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Breast Size Increase

Breast Size Increase

Does size matter? Yes , Breast size really matters for woman who want to look good. If you are suffering from smaller or sagging breasts, then use our Sriram herbals Breast Enlargement Medicine with no negative effects. Larger breasts will be every woman dream and men to well, enjoy!!! Take our herbal extract medicines and see the positive results. There are so many are available in the market where there may be giving you good results or not.

Sriram herbals is one of the prominent suppliers of Breast Growth Medicines, Breast Development Oil and furnishing well service to our customers. Make use of these Breast size increase medicines and lead a happy sexual life. Breast Growth can be done in many ways like:

  • Breast Massaging
  • Exercises to enlarge your breasts
  • Breast Growth Medicines (pills)
  • By natural Foods

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Monday, 3 October 2016

Need to Get Big Size Penis

Need to Get Big Size Penis

Every man in the society Need to get big size penis for the pleasurable sexual life and sex satisfaction to woman. Are you having average penile length and girth?  The average length of penis is more than 6 and half inches. Most of the woman like big size penis only for complete sex satisfaction. You cannot be relax for the smaller penis size. If you are feeling your penis is too small to satisfy your wife, the foremost thing is to understand there is some natural medicines by Sriram herbals to enlarge your penis , no need of surgery. Natural Penis growth medicine really works better without any negative effects. The penis formed from cartilage, ligaments and blood vessels , our medicines elongate your ligaments, increases capability of your blood vessels. The growth of ligament size will end in a fuller and longer flaccid.

There is more percentage of woman like bigger penis:
The reason behind this is that bigger penis is a status icon in the society. But one thing I let you know that if your penis is too small then prepare for one day shock from your woman. Every woman wants bigger penis in bed. Woman cannot accept any other thing in the place of bigger penis.

Sriram herbals is the leading suppliers of Penis Enlargement Products in India located at Bangalore since from 1995. We got positive feedbacks from customers and we worked on this from long decades. We have some other products like Breast growth oil, Penis Growth Medicine, Male Sex Treatment, Anticancer Product and many more. If you want to know complete details. Go through our daily articles to get more information regarding Sexual problems.

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Causes for low Libido

Causes for low Libido
Sriram herbals is the top rated suppliers of Sex Enlargement Medicines in India, furnishing the best services who are needy and got positive feedback from so many customers as well as they are happy with their partners. We are providing high quality medicine for Male sex treatment, Best Sex enhancement pills for men and many other herbal products happier and healthier life.
There are so many reasons for low libido to you or to your partner, following are some reasons for less interest in sex:-
  • Busy schedule to make time for sex: You might be busy in your work or look after your kids. May be you are in under pressure of something that you cannot able to make a time for your relationship.
  • More Anxiety: You are struggling for the good performance that makes you more stress and worried about it. More anxiety may lead to some other problem.
  • Less connection with your partner: Might be you haven’t spent more time together or something problem in your relationship that cause a rift.
  • Negative experiences in sex: You have been criticized by your partner in the past or negative in some other way.
  • Physical or mental issues: These two (physical and mental health) plays a vital role during sex. Insecurities about a Physical injury, unable to have sex or your interest in sex have been disrupted by mental illness.

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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

How to Increase Penis Size

How to Increase Penis Size

Tips to grow a bigger penis in 3 weeks? Of course, For the first time you may feeling tired and sick of having a penis size that makes you disappointed, unhappy, insecure and ashamed? Feel anxiety for the first time of sex because you're worried what other is thinking about you? Concerned that your significant other is faking orgasms?

If you're in trouble 1 of 1000 of men who determine to follow the in-crowd and go with most popular that would be pills and tools. Using this type of things that have their purpose. But they will come up with many risks and even that don't work well for maximizing gains. Grow Bigger Penis Naturally is the one solution to increase penis size.

Steps to increase Penis Size?

Step 1: Stretch your penis in multi directions, Once your penis into a flaccid state; using your fingers and thumb, hold it by its head. Slowly start pulling your male organ in a  right(straight) direction away from you and stop when you start feeling pain. Before letting go, do this stretching routine for few repetitions but each time you can change the direction of your stretch.

Step 2: Milking your male organ, Make sure that, your penis is in a half elevated state and apply some oil on it. Form an O-Shaped grip to the base of your shaft, then slowly you can start moving your grip towards your member. Remember, do this milking action for several repetitions and in between give some rest for your penis. Milking rotation will store more blood in your male organ on order to increase your penis size.

Step 3: Control your PC Muscle, This specific exercise routine doesn't effect to cause your male organs to change in size. But this routine equally is important to perform this routine periodically to prolong your acclamation each time and each time you feel to love make sex last several times and longer. Steadily be on your PC muscle action and for 2 seconds hold your pee by contracting PC muscle action and also relax for another 2 seconds. Do this muscle action several times in a day.  

I hope this article is more helpful to increase penis size.
For more information click on: How to Increase Penis Size Naturally
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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Sex Enhancement Products

Home Remedies for Sex Enhancement

Today am discussing about Sex Enhancement Products. Increase your sex power naturally by using the following some foods and things quickly.  Course duration is roughly about 30 days and also depends on sex health.

  • Banana: Every man need to know how to increase sex power naturally with bananas. Bananas have extra source of sex power energy , more vitamins and minerals as well. This will helps to maintain your sex power and bananas have rich nutrients that helps for healthy sperm count.
  • Milk: Increase your sex stamina with milk. Milk is playing a major role in sexual health and make it as daily routine in morning and at night. This will recover your sex power. Milk is the good source for bones and for libido enhancer. Enriches with vitamins, minerals, magnesium and zinc and is also helpful for increasing the sperm count.
  • Walnuts: Walnuts are helpful for overall energy of your body and sexual health of man. This is the effective food for male potency recommended you to eat daily 3 to 4 nuts. These nuts is very good for sexual life and stronger erection as every man wants to have it.
  • Eggs: Eggs also increases your sexual energy . you can have boiled egg in breakfast or you can drink raw egg.
  • Meat: It contains proteins, zinc, vitamins is the main key to increase sex power naturally. 
  • Exercise: You can improve sex power greatly by doing exercises. Normally there is no specific exercises to increase sex energy but if you can run, then it is best or you can do foot walk faster at least for 30 minutes daily. After few days you will get wonder results.

If you are suffering from low libido, Contact us to get more suggestions from our experts. For more information : Breast Development Oil, Treatment for Penis Enlargement, Sex Enhancement Pills for Men.

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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Breast Development in easy ways

Breast Development in easy ways
Here are some ways to boost up your breasts and look better:-
There are so many women want bigger breasts and some of them want their breasts to look firmer, toned, and well shaped. For that better shaped boobs, required some effort and time. Following are the ways to make your breasts look better in easy ways, but these offers you the permanent results.
  • Hydro therapy: For this process required water to improve health. A common hydrotherapy is like alternating the cold and hot water in a shower to increase the blood circulation upto 90%. Since this, it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. This is the treatment like first you need to rinse your breasts with warm water at least for 30 seconds and follow with cold water fo 10 seconds. Continue this alternatively for few minutes. Finally it’s important to end the treatment with cold water. 
  • Push-up bras: It makes the difference in breast development . Your bras not only improves your breast outlook but also make you to feel more comfortable.
  • Exercises: Chest workout is the most effective way to enlarge your breasts , no matter of how old you are. The breast exercises works on your pectoral muscles. Toning these muscles to help for the firmer and lifted breasts.
  • Massage: Breast massaging can tighten your breasts and tones the ligaments, muscles that controls the boobs length. The stimulation of the tissues gives the +ve effect on the structure of your boobs. It increases the blood circulation and also improves the skin tone, looks healthier. 
Breast massage, exercise and hydrotherapy are all the better ways for your breast appearance. Since, it not only look better, but also looks healthier, toned and lifted breasts.
Are you conscious about your breast appearance or size of your breasts? You are the alone getting problem. There are many of them facing problem on this. Don’t worry!!! You are at perfect place where you can get your desired breasts in natural ways without negative effects and without any surgery.
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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Breast Development Medicine

        Breast Development Medicine

Here are some tips to increase your boobs by our Breast Development Medicine , and here one way to grow your breast size and gain the confidence - bras.

·         Enhancer Bra: First thing to enlarge your breast is breast enhancement bras. Yes, of course! After wear it, should look like fuller figure.

·         High up the neck: High necklines suits much better than low necks.

·         Bold colors and different patterns: Wear bright and bold color bras. If you reverse this detail, your breasts look smaller.

·    Detailed Neckline: Wear detailed necklines divert attention from your boobs and makes it well appropriate.

·         Makeup: If you wanna wear revealing clothes. Use dark shade of foundation to make your breasts fuller .

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Friday, 12 August 2016

Sperm Count Increase

Sperm Count Increase

Hello Guys……….
If you are finding a problem getting your partner pregnant, you have to blame on your sperms. Healthy sperms depends on the total volume, their size, shape, how they swim and it’s a vital role to boosting or sinking their pregnancy potential. Read out below to know more about it.

1.      Strip out the soya
Soya products like soya sauce, edamame, tofu can affect the sperm production. This is because it contains phytoestrogens, the natural compounds from plants that impersonate the female hormone estrogen.

By churn out less testosterone, you may respond for the higher level of estrogen, which is necessary for sperm production. Rodents had 25 percent lower sperm volume and fathered 21 percent less pups than that soya free diet.

2.      Lose Weight
If you are too weight or obese, flaking pounds will give a boost to your reproductive mojo. Excess of fat can decrease testosterone levels, that can affect your capability to produce sperms. You body temperature also increase due to the fat in your belly and thighs. Too much of fire in your loins can decreases total sperm volume, motility and causes DNA damage.

Note: “Men can improve their sperm quality naturally by losing his weight”.

3.      Avoid hot tub
“An increase of just 2 degree temperature can also affects the sperm production in humans”.
5 – 10 minutes soak is fine, but if you are trying to have kids in 3 – 6 months, then you should not keeping your dips frequently or by avoiding them all together until there is a bun in the oven.

4.      Exercise
According to researchers, men who workout (exercises) 7 hours a week can have a higher sperm count than those who break their sweat not less than a hour in a week.

5.      Upgrade your diet
One of the major factors that determine whether your sperms sink or swim is the health of your mitochondria or cell’s batteries.

Note: ” Motility depends on the energy of sperms, which are determined by mitochondria”.

Dieting food have high in fat and less production can also increases the risk of free radical damage, which affects on the mitochondria. But eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, grains can combat free radicals and improves the quality of sperms.

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Thursday, 11 August 2016

How to improve the quality of sperms?

Improve Sperm Count

·  ·    Decrease your stress – This may interfere with certain hormones needed to produce sperm.
·         Multivitamin Pills – Daily multivitamin with zinc, selenium and folic acid.
·         Eat more vegetables and fruits – they are rich in antioxidants
·    Evade lubricants during sex – Like lotions, lubricants and even saliva can get in the way with sperm motility. though, vegetable oil based lubricants are fine.
·      Look at your weight – Too much or too less weight may interrupt in the production of reproductive hormones.
·       Avoid anabolic steroids.
·      Regular exercise – Don’t do heavily. Men who do exercise may change in the hormone levels and in sperm quality.
·       Quit tobacco and alcohol.

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Sex Rules

Here are some sex rules you should keep in mind before you deed with a new man:-

a)  The first time may not be the best time with your partner. You don’t have any idea about how he is in bed and you both never seen each other naked. Is he in good mood? Or is he thinking you are good? Cool!!! Once you take off your top, he will go to giddy.

b)   Cuddling is important and don’t let other to convince you. Sometimes you have to walk , as they say. It will be more fun to go things slow down before exactly getting into it.

c)   A good grown man talk to you like you are baby? Try to give well-known example with more age appropriate dirty talks and see if he catches on.

d)   Sex is more funny, amusing faces, weird noise and are many compromising positions. Accept when something is funny, it will not be awkward.

e)      Take off your rest of clothes including socks. Don’t question it, throw it out of bed and find it in the morning.

f)       Communication is more important during sexual time. If you didn’t ask, you will not get it and enjoy. You have to dig into the particular matter. If your partner is a mind reader, then he is special and never let him go.

g)   Don’t creep out. Specially if you are looking for an invitation from other side. It will be rude & sleeping in is more funny anyways.

h)      No matter about how comfortable you are or how pretty he looks – just get up and piss off as it helps to prevent UTIs. There is nothing more than doing with UTI.

i)        The best hangover is “Morning Sex” which followed by coffee, breakfast .

j)        Just ignore every rules. Enjoy yourself !!!

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